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Solar Wind - Space, Humans and Communications

Yann Chemin

European Commission

A planetary scientist and a remote sensing researcher specialized in space exploration conditions and humans on the Moon. Dr. Chemin worked on the Chandrayaan-1 M3 sensor and its hyperspectral applications on the Apollo 12 landing site and on Ceres craters.


Sun Physics Deployment Solar Weather Magnetism Solar System UV Spectrography Space Exploration Radiation Humans in Space Shielding Surface Communications Electro-Magnetic Pulse

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About the book

The solar wind has a large impact on our solar system and on its human activities, whether on earth or in space.

This book looks into the solar wind generator, its monitoring, forecast, modeling, and capacity for disruptions. It also develops on its transport, its shape through the vacuum of space, and its interactions with the Earth’s magnetosphere or other planetary magnetosphere types. Additionally, fields of observations, understanding, its variations of volumes and charges have a primordial impact on Life, whether on Earth or in space.

Life support design in space is particularly restricted by radiations and solar winds. The shielding of electronics in space and on Earth (whether on the surface or in atmospheric vehicles) needs to be taken into account according to operational resilience required by the strategic level of the mission.

Communication is hampered by the solar wind - this is an important operational requirement as electronics are the basis of a large part of our human activities. Adaptation of our communication systems, resilience strategies, redundancy of most critical systems, parallel systems for crisis and emergency situations, post-EMP communications are all potential subjects revolving around our capacity to keep communications alive in face of various levels of disruptions or damage.

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About the editor

Yann Chemin

European Commission

Dr. Yann H. Chemin’s research spans across remote sensing, algorithms, geography, cartography, energy balance, agriculture, land and water processes, rocky (minor) planets and the Moon. His credentials are a BSc in International Agri-Development (1995, France), an MSc in Land and Water Resources Management (1996, UK), a DTSc in RS/GIS Applications (2006, Thailand), a BSc in Planetary Sciences with Astronomy (2016, UK) and a CBA in Security, Defense and Space (2021, FR). He worked on the Chandrayaan-1 M3 sensor and its hyperspectral applications on the Apollo 12 landing site and on Ceres craters. As of May 16, 2019, he has joined the European Commission at JRC in Italy.

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