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Satellite Systems - Applied Geodesy and Earth Observation

Bihter Erol

Istanbul Technical University

A scientist in Geodesy has publications on Physical Geodesy, height systems, deformation monitoring, and positioning. She has research projects in her research fields and teaches in undergraduate and graduate programs. Member of International Association of Geodesy.


Satellite Gravimetry Earth Gravity Field Coastal Altimetry Inland Altimetry Geodetic Positioning Measurement Errors GNSS ITRF Geodetic Reference System Polar Research InSAR Surface Deformations

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About the book

Geodesy is one of the scientific disciplines that has benefited the most from advances in satellite technology since the first artificial satellite was launched into orbit. Higher-resolution mapping of the earth, higher accuracy geodetic position computations based on global geodetic reference systems, and a better understanding of dynamic processes have all been achieved as a result of data obtained from satellites and satellite systems. As satellites and satellite systems continue to advance, observations obtained provide more detailed and long-term data on the earth's dynamic processes, and predictions and models based on these data enable effective risk management and the improvement of future living conditions on the Earth. In this regard, the chapters on data processing and modeling methodologies, accompanied by significant case study examples, in this book in preparation aim to highlight the use and importance of satellite and satellite system observations in geodetic applications and Earth observation studies. The following are the major categories of themes that are intended to be discussed in the book's content: low-Earth-orbiting satellites; observation techniques, data processing, and achievements in the branch of Earth gravity field studies obtained with the contribution of these satellite missions data (CHAMP, GOCE, GRACE/GRACE-Follow On, and future concepts in satellite gravimetry), ii-) satellite altimetry; recent progress in the techniques and applications including marine gravity and sea-level change determination, coastal altimetry and inland water studies, iii-) global navigation satellite systems; geodetic positioning, GNSS meteorology, and GNSS reflectometry studies including new data processing strategies (multi-GNSS, PPP, RT-PPP) and case study examples in various application fields, iv-) remote sensing satellites in Earth observation, monitoring, and mapping surface deformations and natural disasters, environmental changes because of global warming and its consequences in vulnerable areas, and v-) global, regional and national geodetic reference frames, which are necessary for efficient utilization of the satellite-based techniques in geodetic applications and monitoring Earth dynamic processes. Within the scope of outlined content, this book is intended to be a useful reference for all researchers and practitioners from engineering and geoscience disciplines who conduct research and applications using satellite and satellite system data.

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About the editor

Bihter Erol

Istanbul Technical University

Dr. Bihter Erol earned a Ph.D. in geodesy from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2007, and she is still a full-time associate professor at the ITU Geomatics Department. Her research interests in physical geodesy include the static and temporal determination of the Earth's gravity field, regional geoid modeling using terrestrial and airborne gravimetry, height systems, and structural deformation analyses. Dr. Bihter Erol has research experience in her field at various departments and institutes in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. She has numerous scientific journal articles, book chapters, and proceedings to her credit, as well as contributions as an editor and reviewer in geodetic journals, books, and proceedings. She participates in a number of international symposia organizations and scientific committees. She is a member of the ITU Gravity Research Group, supervises thesis studies in the ITU Graduate School's Geomatics and Geographical Information Technologies programs, and conducts research projects in her research fields.

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