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Sol Gel and other Fabrication Methods of Advanced Carbon Materials

Mujtaba Ikram

University of the Punjab

A visiting scholar at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)-Italy from time to time, Dr. Ikram was selected among two young scientists from South Asia for TWAS science diplomacy, which was held in Trieste Italy 2013 and in 2015, he was also awarded CAS-TWAS green technology award followed by CAS-TWAS green chemistry and technology (GCT) award for his guest lectures in 2017.


Asghari Maqsood

Air University

A dean of the Faculty of Basics and Applied Sciences, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan with over 40 years of experience in research of advanced materials. Prof. Maqsood has 212 research publications, including 180 journal publications and 4 book chapters. She is a receiver of many national and international awards and is recognized widely for her scientific work.


Sol Gel/Novel Fabrication Physical Properties Electro Mechanical Applications Superior Energy Storage Applied Applications Hybrids Carbon Nanotubes Electric Conductivity Chemical and Mechanical Stability Fullerene Diamond Graphite

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About the book

Few decades ago, scientists believed carbon had two basic allotropes: Graphite, which is soft and black stuff usually found in pencil "leads", and Diamond, which is super-hard and sparkly crystal for jewellery. But in the last thirty years of research, scientists have discovered various carbon allotropes (termed as advanced carbon materials) with astonishing physical properties, for example fullerenes - hollow cages of carbon atoms, nanotubes - flat sheets of carbon atoms curled into hollow tubes (amazingly thin), and graphene - discovered in 2004 and first ever 2 D material. Due to outstanding physical properties of graphene, such as no band gap, good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, it has applications in almost every field of our daily life. Nowadays, advanced carbon materials have applications in the field of sensors, energy storage, heat radiant, drug delivery and super capacitors applications.

Hereby, in this book we are expecting chapter submissions related to sol gel and other novel fabrication methods, physical properties and advanced technological applications of carbon materials (Diamond, Graphite, Fullerene, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene).

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About the editor

Mujtaba Ikram

University of the Punjab

Dr. Mujtaba Ikram is working as an Assistant Professor at Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (ICET), University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He has received his BS hons. (computational physics), MS (materials and surface engineering) and Ph.D. (material sciences and engineering), respectively. His research interests include nanotechnology, renewable energy, material science and engineering. He has authored/co- authored number of publications with very good impact factor in world prestigious journals as Advanced materials, RSC advances, RSC New Journal of chemistry, Chemcatchem, Journal of alloys and compounds, Journal of physics and chemistry of solids, Journals of solid state chemistry, Applied nanoscience and many others. He has presented his research in the USA, Italy, Egypt, Germany, Slovenia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UAE and other countries. He has attended various research trainings/conferences/workshops on industrial physics, renewable energy, advanced carbon materials and nanotechnology in various parts of the world and is a frequent visiting scholar at the Abdus Salam International center for theoretical physics (ICTP)-Italy. He has also attended training on renewable and sustainable energy, which was organised by world prestigious national renewable energy lab (NREL)-USA and University of Colorado at Boulder-USA among others. He was selected among two young scientists from south Asia for TWAS science diplomacy, which was held in Trieste Italy, 2013. He has been invited many times as Invited lecturer by CAS-TWAS Beijing. In 2015, he was awarded with CAS-TWAS green technology award, and in 2017 with CAS-TWAS green chemistry and technology (GCT) award for his guest lectures. He has also been awarded with various world fellowships as CAS- TWAS presidential fellowship 2014, I-CAMP University of colorado at boulder (USA) fellowship 2012, International center for theoretical physics (ICTP-Italy) participant fellowship (thrice), UNESCO fellowship for nano system workshop (Italy) 2013, Intercontinental advanced materials and photonics university of Cambridge (UK) participant fellowship 2013, Emerging nation science foundation (ENSF) travel fellowship 2012 and NUST foreign research presentation grant 2012.

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