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Geodetic Sciences - Theory, Applications and Recent Developments

Bihter Erol

Istanbul Technical University

Scientist in Physical Geodesy, supervising graduate thesis in the field of Geodesy, conducting research projects on geoid and gravity field analyses, deformation monitoring, and related fields with an active role in IAG study groups.


Serdar Erol

Istanbul Technical University

Scientist in Geodesy, GNSS Positioning, Deformation Analyses, supervising master and doctoral thesis in the field of Geodesy, conducting research projects on PPP, multi-GNSS, deformation monitoring, and sea-level variations.


Geoid Modeling Gravity Field Variations Satellite Gravity Missions Satellite Altimetry Precise Point Positioning Real-Time Kinematic Positioning Multi-GNSS Deformation Monitoring Crustal Movement Deformation Analysis Earth Tides SAR/InSAR

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About the book

Improvements in observations especially with advances in spaceborne technologies have accelerated by the end of the last century. These improvements have a notable impact on geodetic sciences and their applications. As a consequence of the improvements in data accuracies, spatial and temporal resolutions of observations, as well as the development in the methodologies, more detailed analyses of the Earth and a deeper understanding of its dynamic processes, are possible today. The traces of these developments are tracked in applications of each branch of the Geodetic Sciences. From this perspective, this book will be a collection of the selected reviews and case-study articles that report the advances in methodology and applications in the main research branches of the Geodesy including, Earth’s gravity field, satellite positioning and navigation, and finally the geodynamics.

While each chapter in the book will be dedicated to explaining an individual original theory or an application of the Geodetic Sciences, all the chapters together will present an overview of the current state of the Geodetic research in today’s modern world. The topics that will be considered in the book chapters are not limited but include satellite gravity missions, global geopotential models, local/regional geoid modeling, satellite altimetry, sea-level variations, airborne gravity, height systems, and vertical datum unification, mass redistribution and climate change, geodetic infrastructure for GNSS, ionospheric and tropospheric models, precise point positioning, real-time kinematic and multi-GNSS, GNSS augmentations, various applications of GNSS, marine and air navigation, structural health monitoring, deformation analyses, crustal movement and land surface deformations monitoring using geodetic methods, SAR/InSAR applications, earthquake prediction, tsunami and early warning systems, sensor networks and data fusion, and so on.

A collection of the selected geodetic reviews and the case-studies in an open access book is expected to reach the researchers and practitioners of any age and experience level of Geodesists and professionals from related disciplines. Hence the outstanding studies in the book content will benefit to enlarge the readers' vision and to further their work. We hope that the book will be beneficial to the extended readers' community who are interested in Geodesy.

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About the editor

Bihter Erol

Istanbul Technical University

Bihter Erol is an Associate Professor at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey. She received her Ph.D. degree in Geodesy from Istanbul Technical University in 2007. She has 25 years of experience in academia and her main research areas include physical geodesy, regional and global Earth gravity field determination, height systems and vertical datum unification, sea-level determination, temporal variations of the gravity field, structural deformation monitoring, and analyses, engineering geodesy. She had research experiences at the University of Calgary, Canada; Leibniz University Hannover – Geodesy Institute, Germany; and Delft University of Technology – Physical and Satellite Geodesy, the Netherlands, between the years 2004-2008. In her research career, she was awarded grants from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and UNESCO/LOREAL/IUPAP. She has an active role in study groups of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and Turkey National Geodesy Commission (TUJK). She is a member of the ITU Gravity Research Group and currently supervising the master of science and doctoral theses at graduate programs of Geomatics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

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