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Anaerobic Digestion in Natural and Built Environments

Anna Sikora

Polish Academy of Sciences

Principal investigator of grant projects funded by the Polish institutions: The National Centre for Research and Development, The National Science Centre, and Ministry of Science and High Education. Dr. Anna Sikora cooperates with the industry and foreign and domestic research centers.


Anna Detman

Polish Academy of Sciences

A specialist in the Anaerobic Digestion process - molecular and technical aspects of microbiological biofuels production. Dr. Anna Detman connects her engineering, biochemical, and microbiological knowledge with experience in different laboratory scales to create innovative and applicable Science.


Freshwater Sediments Wetlands Marine Sediments Microbial Communities Thermophiles Biomethane Production Paddy Fields Biogas Production Landfill Sites Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants Biogas Plants Innovative Installations

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About the book

Anaerobic digestion of biomass to methane and carbon dioxide is promoted by the activity and interactions of many different physiological groups of microorganisms that form specialized microbial communities. They are responsible for four steps of AD: hydrolysis of polymeric organic matter to monomers, acidogenesis (acidic fermentations), acetogenesis (degradation of acidic fermentation products to dioxide, hydrogen and acetic acid, substrates for methanogenesis) and the last step - methanogenesis when finally methane is formed. AD is a key process in the global carbon cycle and energy flow in ecosystems. It commonly occurs in natural anoxic ecosystems such as freshwater sediments, wetlands, marshlands, deeper zones of marine sediments and extreme environments, e.g. hydrothermal vents. Biomethane and carbon dioxide are generated in built-enviroments such as paddy fields, landfill sites, anaerobic wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, innovative installations where biogas is used by man for green energy production.

The idea of this book is to present the enviroments where biomethane is formed with a special focus on characteristics of microbial communities and interactions between microorganisms, use of metaomic approaches to study anaerobic digestion microbiomes, recognition of factors determining efficiency of biogas production, technical solutions and methods of biogas (biomethane) recovery and use for energy generation.

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Anna Sikora

Polish Academy of Sciences

A professor at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS, Warsaw, Poland. PhD in Biochemistry at the IBB PAS. Master of biology specialized in microbiology at the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw, Poland. Scientific interests and experience in: (i) Anaerobic digestion, fermentation processes, biogases (biohydrogen and biomethane) production; (ii) Microbial communities, nutritional interactions between microorganisms; (iii) Microbial iron reduction; (iv) Mutagenesis and DNA repair in bacteria Principal investigator of the grant projects funded by the Polish institutions: The National Center for Research and Development, The National Science Centre, and Ministry of Science and High Education. Cooperates with the industry and foreign and domestic research centers. Supervisor of MSc and PhD theses. An author or co-author of 35 research papers, 6 book chapters and 52 abstracts and conference proceedings (ORCID: 0000-0002-9464-6851).

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