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1. Polymer Nanocomposites with Different Types of Nanofiller

By Amanda Dantas de Oliveira and Cesar Augusto Gonçalves Beatrice

Part of book: Nanocomposites - Recent Evolutions

2. Carbon Nanotube Synthesis and Growth Mechanism

By Mukul Kumar

Part of book: Carbon Nanotubes - Synthesis, Characterization, Applications

3. Graphene phytotoxicity in the seedling stage of cabbage, tomato, red spinach, and lettuce

By Fugetsu and Parvin Begum

Part of book: Carbon Nanotubes - From Research to Applications

4. Nanocomposites in Food Packaging – A Review

By Henriette Monteiro Cordeiro de Azeredo, Luiz Henrique Capparelli Mattoso and Tara Habig McHugh

Part of book: Advances in Diverse Industrial Applications of Nanocomposites

5. Carbon Nanotube Supercapacitors

By Wen Lu and Liming Dai

Part of book: Carbon Nanotubes

6. Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites

By Ali Olad

Part of book: Advances in Diverse Industrial Applications of Nanocomposites

7. Review of Graphene Technology and Its Applications for Electronic Devices

By Ashok K. Sood, Isaac Lund, Yash R. Puri, Harry Efstathiadis, Pradeep Haldar, Nibir K. Dhar, Jay Lewis, Madan Dubey, Eugene Zakar, Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya, Dennis L. Polla and Michael Fritze

Part of book: Graphene - New Trends and Developments

8. Development of Hemp Fibers: The Key Components of Hemp Plastic Composites

By Chernova Tatyana, Mikshina Polina, Salnikov Vadim, Ageeva Marina, Ibragimova Nadezda, Sautkina Olga and Gorshkova Tatyana

Part of book: Natural and Artificial Fiber-Reinforced Composites as Renewable Sources

9. Nano-Engineering of Graphene and Related Materials

By Zhiping Xu

Part of book: Physics and Applications of Graphene - Experiments

10. Electroconductive Nanocomposite Scaffolds: A New Strategy Into Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

By Masoud Mozafari, Mehrnoush Mehraien, Daryoosh Vashaee and Lobat Tayebi

Part of book: Nanocomposites - New Trends and Developments