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Cukurova University Turkey

Senay (Ok) Cetinkaya, born in 1967, has completed her bachelor of nursing, master\'s degree, and PhD in Ege University. In 1988 she was employed as nurse in ICU at the cardiovascular surgery clinic in Ege University, at the medical faculty hospital. In the mean time she has completed her postgraduate (1991) and PhD (1999) on pediatric nursing. Following her move to Malatya due to a spouse-related transfer (1996), she was employed at the Health Colleges of Inönü (1996-2000), Selçuk (2000-2004), and Ege (2004-2007) Universities. Currently she is working at the Adana Health College of Cukurova University. Besides being instructor and vice-principal at the college, she has coordinated and performed in-service training programs to healthcare personnels, carried out symposium vice-presidency, assistant journal editorship and reviewing, and chair in nursing department. She has international articles (8),international boks chapters (6), translation on a vocational book (thesaurus of skills), national chapters of book (2), has led postgraduate thesis (10), research profects (3), and posted many scientific papers (30) in periodicals.

Şenay Çetinkaya

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In contemporary understanding, the working areas of children's psychology are expanding considerably. The mental health of the children ensures that they are able to use their developmental abilities, cope with difficulties in life, be productive and be creative, and demonstrate cognitive, emotional, and behavioral characteristics appropriate to their developmental turn. This research was conducted to be able to identify behavioral disorders that may be a sign of children's mental problems and to shed light on the resolution of possible problems by facilitating the follow-up of psychosocial developments during the period of growth. This book presents an overview of the contemporary approaches in the departments of child education and psychology, with the hope of them growing up as happy, peaceful, balanced, thoughtful confident and successful individuals.

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