Silvia Lucangioli

University of Buenos Aires

Dr Silvia Lucangioli is Associate Professor of the Pharmaceutical Technology Department at the Faculty of the Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires and Investigator of the National Science Research Council (CONICET). She received her Graduation in Pharmacy (1989), Licensure in Biochemistry-Pharmaceutical Industries (1991), PhD in Analytical Chemistry (2003) at the University of Buenos Aires, and she is a licensed teacher at the Teaching Career of University of Buenos Aires (2005). Her main research is focused on the development of analytical methodologies, including capillary electrophoresis based on electrokinetic chromatography, and microHPLC, applied in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical analysis. She supervises four doctoral theses, and two students. She has published over 30 scientific articles and book chapters. Dr Silvia Lucangioli has recently co-founded the Analytical and Technological Laboratory of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research.

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