Muhammad Salik Javaid

Abasyn University, Islamabad

Dr. Muhammad Salik Javaid has been working on research, development, execution, management and policy formulation assignments with Corps of Engineers within Pakistan and abroad for over three decades. He also worked as Chief Consulting Engineer and Director General Planning for the reconstruction and rehabilitation work after the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA where he undertook his Masters and Doctoral studies in the fields of Dam Over-topping and Ocean Bed Hydrodynamics. Presently he is heading the Department of Civil Engineering at Abasyn University, Islamabad Campus. He has also conducted courses on ‘irrigation and drainage’ and ‘river engineering’ for civil engineering students at various campuses.

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The subject of 'drainage: draining the water off' is as important as 'irrigation: application of water', if not more. 'Drainage' has a deep impact on food security, agricultural activity, hygiene and sanitation, municipal usage, land reclamation and usage, flood and debris flow control, hydrological disaster management, ecological and environmental balance, and water resource management. 'Drainage Systems' provides the reader with a tri-dimensional expose of drainage in terms of sustainable systems, surface drainage and subsurface drainage. Ten eminent authors and their colleagues with varied technical backgrounds and experiences from around the world have dealt with extensive range of issues concerning the drainage phenomenon. Field engineers, hydrologists, academics and graduate students will find this book equally benefitting.

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