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Dr. Muthiah Srinivasan, born on 9th May 1947 in India, completed medical school in 1972, Joined Aravind Eye Hospital and Post Graduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Madurai in 1981. He is currently serving as the Director – Emeritus and Prof. of ophthalmology in the same institute. He is expert in infectious diseases of cornea: prevention and managing corneal ulcer; corneal transplantation; eye banking; stem cell and refractive surgery. Dr. Srinivasan is serving as Medical Director of Rotary Aravind international Eye Bank, Madurai and Immediate Past President of Eye Bank Association of India. As a Postgraduate Teacher for the past 29 years, he has been invited to various conferences and Universities in India and abroad, received several awards including 2012 APAO, conducted several research studies, both clinical and epidemiological, including WHO sponsored studies in SEAR. The outcome of these studies provide evidence based management of the corneal diseases in developing world. He has published 136 papers in peer reviewed journals.

Muthiah Srinivasan

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The 4 chapters in this book focus on investigation, basic and advanced clinical aspects and management of frequently encountered corneal disorders. The authors have covered keratitis theory and practice. Onchocersias, even though found on one continent, has its impact on population, epidemiologists, ophthalmologists, NGOs, public health planners and care providers. The goal of this book is to provide information on ancient eye diseases; their investigation and management to prevent corneal blindness. I acknowledge the great help rendered by Publishing Process Manager and Editor Relations Consultant.

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