Pilar Almela Rojo

University of Murcia

After completing her studies in Pharmacy at the University of Granada, Pilar Almela joined a PhD program in Experimental Biomedical Sciences at the University of Murcia in the Department of Pharmacology, under Professor Laorden’s supervision, where she studied different pathway involvement in the adaptive changes observed during morphine dependence. Her training was completed with stays at research centers in USA, France, United Kingdom and Spain. Results from her laboratory have given rise to numerous international publications. These findings can improve the knowledge of mechanisms involved in addiction and establish new prevention and treatment strategies. In 2019, she became an Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, focusing her current research on the design of new nanoparticulate systems for morphine administration.

Pilar Almela Rojo

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Morphine and other opioids are potent analgesic drugs, but their use can lead to complications. Being familiar with the use of this kind of drug can make the difference between obtaining the expected benefit of applied therapy or magnifying the risks to intolerable levels for the patient. Therefore, it is essential for practitioners to achieve adequate training in the management of these drugs based on criteria endorsed by scientific evidence that allows the proper use of these drugs and guarantees the best professional practice every time. Written by expert authors in the field, the purpose of this book is to offer an overview of opioid drugs, from their therapeutic use to the consequences associated.

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