Aakash Goyal

Wheat Breeder

Dr. Aakash Kumar Goyal, born in India, has graduated Biology in 1999 from MDU, Ajmer, and has earned his Master’s in Biotechnology in 2002 from GJU, Hissar, and his PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding in 2007 from CCSU, Meerut, India. He was awarded NSERC Visiting Fellowship in 2008 and thus, joined the molecular breeding program of spring wheat and triticale at Lethbridge Research Center, Agriculture and Agri-Food in Canada. After that, he worked as a wheat breeder in Bayer Crop Science, Saskatoon, Canada. In 2014 he got Senior Scientist position with International Center of Agriculture Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA), where he was involved in global chickpea breeding program; new sources of chickpea with major emphasis on yield, Ascochyta blight, Fusarium wilt, and drought tolerance from germplasm. He has published more than nine books and fifty research papers, review articles, book chapters, and book reviews. He is an elected fellow member of International College of Nutrition (FICN) and Society of Applied Biotechnology (FSAB).

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This book provides us a thorough overview of Crop Plant with current advance in research. Divided into two section based on the chapters contents. Chapter 1 provides information about markers and next generation sequencing technology and its use. Chapter 2 is about how we can use Silicon for Drought tolerance. Chapter 3 is to deal with the major problem of rising CO2 and O3 causing environmental pollution. Chapter 4 covers the phenomena of RNAi and its use, application in crop science. Chapter 5 is a review for boron deficiency in soils and how to deal with it for better crops. Chapter 6-10 provide some information regarding recent works going on in crop science.

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