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Luca Collini from 2005 is researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Parma. Author of about 60 papers on journals and presented at national and interational conferences, his research activity focuses on the mechanical behavior of materials (fatigue and fracture), and on vibration-based non-destructive techniques applied to materials and structures.

Luca Collini

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Copper has been used for thousands of years. In the centuries, both handicraft and industry have taken advantage of its easy castability and remarkable ductility combined with good mechanical and corrosion resistance. Although its mechanical properties are now well known, the simple f.c.c. structure still makes copper a model material for basic studies of deformation and damage mechanism in metals. On the other hand, its increasing use in many industrial sectors stimulates the development of high-performance and high-efficiency copper-based alloys. After an introduction to classification and casting, this book presents modern techniques and trends in processing copper alloys, such as the developing of lead-free alloys and the role of severe plastic deformation in improving its tensile and fatigue strength. Finally, in a specific section, archaeometallurgy techniques are applied to ancient copper alloys. The book is addressed to engineering professionals, manufacturers and materials scientists.

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