Robert Tyson

University of North Carolina at CharlotteUnited States of America

Robert K. Tyson is an Associate Professor of Physics and Optical Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. He has a BS in physics from Penn State University, and MS and PhD degrees from West Virginia University. His research interests include atmospheric turbulence compensation, novel wavefront sensing techniques, diffraction theory, and Fourier optics. Prior to his faculty appointment, Dr Tyson worked in the aerospace industry on various strategic and tactical laser weapons and imaging system designs for 20 years. He is the author of seven books on adaptive optics, including Principles of Adaptive Optics, 3rd edition, CRC Press.

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Advances in adaptive optics technology and applications move forward at a rapid pace. The basic idea of wavefront compensation in real-time has been around since the mid 1970s. The first widely used application of adaptive optics was for compensating atmospheric turbulence effects in astronomical imaging and laser beam propagation. While some topics have been researched and reported for years, even decades, new applications and advances in the supporting technologies occur almost daily. This book brings together 11 original chapters related to adaptive optics, written by an international group of invited authors. Topics include atmospheric turbulence characterization, astronomy with large telescopes, image post-processing, high power laser distortion compensation, adaptive optics and the human eye, wavefront sensors, and deformable mirrors.

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