Boulenouar Mesraoua

University of ZurichSwitzerland

Dr Boulenouar Mesraoua Graduated as an MD from Oran University in Algeria in 1975 .He then trained in Belgium ,Liege University ,Department of neurology and clinical neurophysiology (Pr PJ Delwaide )from 1975 to 1982;graduated then as internist and neurologist;had further training in EEG ,EPs and Epilepsy in Zurich University ,Switzerland (Pr HG Wieser) from 2001-2003; he is actually at Hamad medical corporation ,Doha ,Qatar as a consultant neurologist and will soon join Well Cornell Medical College-Qatar where he applied for a position as an associate Professor of clinical Neurology .His Main interest :Clinical Neurology and Neurophysiology (EEG,EMG,EPs) ,Stroke ,Multiple Sclerosis .Many publications in the field of Clinical Neurology-Neurophysiology.

4chapters authored