Marialena Vagia

University of Patras Greece

Dr. Marialena Vagia (BSc. 2005, PhD. 2009) is currently a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow funded by ERCIM Alain Bensoussan Network at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, working in the area of control and nanopositioning. Her research interests include the areas of Robust, Switching and Nonlinear Control, LMIs, Electrostatic MicroActuators, MicroCantilever Beams, Nanostructures, PiezoActuators and Nanopositioning. In the past, she received the C. Karatheodoris fellowship funded by University of Patras for PhD research, a postdoctoral scholarship from Greek State Scholarships Foundation, and also a scholarship for carrying post-doctoral research from the General Secretariat Research and Technology, Greece. She has published in 7 journals and has 20 conference papers, and received the BEST Student paper award in IEEE MED Control Conference in 2007.

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First placed on the market in 1939, the design of PID controllers remains a challenging area that requires new approaches to solving PID tuning problems while capturing the effects of noise and process variations. The augmented complexity of modern applications concerning areas like automotive applications, microsystems technology, pneumatic mechanisms, dc motors, industry processes, require controllers that incorporate into their design important characteristics of the systems. These characteristics include but are not limited to: model uncertainties, system's nonlinearities, time delays, disturbance rejection requirements and performance criteria. The scope of this book is to propose different PID controllers designs for numerous modern technology applications in order to cover the needs of an audience including researchers, scholars and professionals who are interested in advances in PID controllers and related topics.

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