Nasr Bensalah

University of Gabès Tunisia

Dr Nasr Bensalah has more than 15 years of experience in analytical and environmental chemistry teaching and research. My research interests are focused on water and wastewaters treatment by different processes including coagulation and adsorption techniques, ozonation, chemical treatment (chlorine and others oxidants such as pesulfate, permanganate, iodate…), and chemical advanced oxidation processes (UV/H2O2, UV/O3/H2O2, Fenton, photo-Fenton,..). Additionally, my research interests include electrochemical methods for water treatment and corrosion kinetics. I have published more than 40 papers in high impact factor international journals and supervised more than 12 graduate students. My research areas cover the following topics: - Water and wastewaters treatment by chemical and physical methods - Electrochemical technologies for water treatment and analyses - Chemical analyses: COD, TOC, Ions, HPLC, GC/MS - Industrial Phosphoric acid purification processes - Corrosion kinetics and measurements

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