Francisco Bulnes

IINAMEI A. C. (Investigación Internacional Avanzada en Matemáticas e Ingeniería

Dr. Francisco Bulnes received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from IM/UNAM, 2004. He is the Director of International Advanced Research in Mathematics and Engineering Centre in Mexico (IINAMEI), 2015-Actually. Editor-in-Chief of two Journals of Mathematics, one of USA, and others in India. Dr. Bulnes is a Member of various international committees of science, reviewer of British journals of mathematics and physics indexed in SCOPUS. Dr. Bulnes is Head of Research Department, TESCHA, 2009-. He has written numerous papers (more than 100) or articles in mathematics and physics research journals, and he is the author of more than twenty books (math monographs and specialized book chapters in theoretical physics and advanced electronics research). Dr. Bulnes is recognized and famous in East Europe, Asia, Arab continents. He has many theories, theorems, Math Objects with his name. He has received various Doctor Honoris Causa by universities and NGO’s, likewise, GO’s. His Biography has been included in the GMW book, published in the IBC, Cambridge, UK. Dr. Bulnes is also a distinguished member (JCFM) of the Czech Republic Mathematics Society. He obtained two Post-doctorates in Cuba and Russia in mathematics.

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The purpose is to present a complete course on global analysis topics and establish some orbital applications of the integration on topological groups and their algebras to harmonic analysis and induced representations in representation theory.

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