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University of the Republic Uruguay

Roman Hajek is the Professor of Oncology, Head of Department of Haemato-Oncology at the University Hospital Ostrava and School of Medicine University Ostrava and Head of Babak Myeloma Research Group of MU Brno in Czech Republic. After qualifying in medicine in 1988 from J.E. Purkyne University Brno, Dr. Hajek completed degrees in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology&Transfusiology and received a PhD in 1995. Dr Hajek was a founder member of the Czech Myeloma Group and an active chairman of the Czech Myeloma Group. He is also the founder of Amyloidosis Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Ostrava. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of International Myeloma Foundation. Dr. Hajek has published over 200 scientific articles and book chapters.

Roman Hajek

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This book does not provide a comprehensive overview of Multiple Myeloma but a collection of chapters with in-depth information of distinct hot topics in the diagnostic, research and therapeutic fields. The dynamics of testing new drugs for multiple myeloma treatment in clinical trials is breathtaking. Scientific discoveries have uncovered complicated pathogenesis of multiple myeloma; complicated reactions to treatment lead to the creation of super cocktails. Curability of multiple myeloma is a question that is being discussed by the entire professional myeloma world. Improvement of prognosis is a fact which is most important from a patient's perspective. We believe that this book could be of interest to medical professionals specializing in hematooncology, researchers, as well as many others.

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