Zainal Muchlisin

Syiah Kuala University Indonesia

Dr Z. A. Muchlisin was born in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and graduated in Aquaculture Department from University of Riau, Pekanbaru, Indonesia in 1997 (Bachelor in Aquaculture). After graduating his Bachelor Degree, he started working for Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia from 1999, where he continues to work.. Dr Muchlisin was obtained his PhD Degree from University Sains Malaysia in Ichthyology field of study. He has published many papers in several reputable journals for example : Theriogenology (Elsevier), Cryobiology (Elsevier), Applied Ichthyology (Blackwell), Aquaculture Research (Blackwell), AACL Bioflux . In addition, he is an editor for a number of journals, proceedings, books, and he is also a reviewer for some referred journals.

Zainal Muchlisin

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This book provides an understanding on a large variety of aquaculture related topics. The book is organized in four sections. The first section discusses fish nutrition second section is considers the application of genetic in aquaculture; section three takes a look at current techniques for controlling lipid oxidation and melanosis in Aquaculture products. The last section is focused on culture techniques and management, ,which is the larger part of the book. The book chapters are written by leading experts in their respective areas. Therefore, I am quite confident that this book will be equally useful for students and professionals in aquaculture and biotechnology.

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