Adrián Poblano

Head Laboratory Cognitive Neurophysiology

Adrián Poblano, MD, MSc, DSc Born March 5th, 1960. Studied Medicine at Metropolitan University in Mexico City, and afterward received MSc, and DSc degrees. He received also a specialization training in Clinical Neurophysiology at the Institute of Communication Disorders in Mexico City. He worked as researcher at National Institute of Communication Disorders and as Professor in Clinical Neurophysiology at National Institute of Perinatology. Today, is investigator at National Institute of Rehabilitation, and at the Clinic of Sleep Disorders of the National University of Mexico. He has the investment as investigator from the National Council of Science and Technology, and received the “Aarón Saénz” award from the Mexican Academy of Pediatrics (2002), and “GEN Award” for their research in defects at birth from “GEN-Group” (2004). He is Professor of Neuroscience at several schools, and Clinical Neurophysiologist in private practice in Mexico City area.

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