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Dr. A. G. Unil Perera, obtained his bachelor’s degree (Physics Special, 1st Class Honors) from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and MS and PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 1987. He is a Professor & the Associate Chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy and also the Graduate Director of the Physics program at the Georgia State University (GSU). His research on developing various multi band and terahertz detectors was continuously funded by various federal agencies since 1990. Dr. Perera has published over 150 refereed technical articles, and book chapters, edited several books and and has 5 patents granted. He has given many invited talks at international conferences all over the world and had won numerous awards. His work was featured in various Professional mgazines such as “Laser Focus World, Photonics Spectra, and the Reviews of Modern Physics”. He is a Life Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), Fellow of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and also a Life Fellow of the Society of Photo-Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).

Unil Perera

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Infrared Detectors and technologies are very important for a wide range of applications, not only for Military but also for various civilian applications. Comparatively fast bolometers can provide large quantities of low cost devices opening up a new era in infrared technologies. This book deals with various aspects of bolometer developments. It covers bolometer material aspects, different types of bolometers, performance limitations, applications and future trends. The chapters in this book will be useful for senior researchers as well as beginning graduate students.

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