Sara Savic

Scientific Veterinary Institute

Sara Savić, PhD, DVM, is a researcher, working in a diagnostic laboratory within the Scientific Veterinary Institute 'Novi Sad” from Novi Sad, Serbia. Her main work is based on the diagnostic procedures for zoonotic diseases and vector-borne zoonoses. Dr. Savić has completed her PhD degree on Diagnostics of Lyme disease in dogs and ticks, after which her interests and career went toward One Health issues. The significance of multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and interdisciplinary work has become most interesting during the past decade. Her expertise is in bacterial and parasitic vector-borne zoonoses, especially in blood parasites. Dr. Savić has published over 100 publications so far as a leading author or as a coauthor, in different scientific journals and proceedings from different scientific meetings.

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The book Antibiotic Use in Animals has everything said in the title, but it is not only meant for the veterinarians. It is intended to be used also by the medical doctors, animal owners, consumers of food of animal origin, etc. The book has five sections: "Introduction," "Use of Antibiotics in Animals," "Antibiotics and Nutrition," "Probiotics," and "Antimicrobial Resistance." Each of the sections discusses about one side of the antibiotic usage. Each group of authors has dedicated their work to one of the topics with key roles of antibiotics in the health of animals and public health in general. This book is a work of scientists and researchers in the topic of antibiotic use, and with this book, we hope to open new questions and deepen the research on roles of antibiotics in everyday life.

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