Yusuf Bozkurt

Iskenderun Technical University

Prof. Yusuf Bozkurt holds an Agronomy Engineer degree and also MSc and Ph.D. degrees in the field of Natural and Applied Sciences from Ankara University. He is currently working as Professor of Cryobiology in Aquaculture at the Iskenderun Technical University. His main fields of research are mainly connected to the biology and cryo-conservation of aquatic species and also reproductive biotechnology. He conducts many research projects in the field of aquaculture cooperating with different institutions and universities. His scientific activity in the field of aquaculture has been internationally recognized and he has been invited to editorial boards of international peer-review journals. In addition, he has been involved with Food and Agriculture Cost Action FA 1205.

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Model organisms have been used in various disciplines in order to understand different mechanisms underlying the problems. From this point of view, the zebrafish has become a favorite model organism in different scientific research fields in recent years because of its rapid embryonic development, transparency of its embryos, and its large number of offspring along with several other advantages. Recent Advances in Zebrafish Researches demonstrates the role and the function of zebrafish in different research fields and totally includes 11 chapters, which have been written by the expert researches in their fields. With this book, every researcher will better understand different mechanisms underlying the problems at different disciplines using zebrafish as model organism.

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