Yong-Ku Kim

Korea University (South Korea) Korea, South

Professor Yong-Ku Kim graduated in Medicine from the Korea University, College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea in 1987. He received his master degree in 1991 and PhD in Psychiatry in 1998, both from Department of Psychiatry, Korea University. His professional activities extend beyond the area of pure clinical or research work. He has well over 170 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and twenty book chapters in the area of biological psychiatry. He is currently on the editorial boards of some leading academic journals in the field of neurobiology, including Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, Psychiatry Investigation, World Journal Psychiatry, Annals of Depression and Anxiety, and Psychiatry Journal. He has mainly conducted research in psychoimmunology, biological marker of suicide, genetic polymorphism in biological psychiatry.

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Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a complex and heterogeneous disorder, phenotypically and biologically. MDD may be caused by complex interaction between genes and environment in susceptible individuals. Thus, a combination of certain genetic polymorphism, environmental stress, and personal susceptibility ultimately may induce MDD. Gene-environment interactions in the pathophysiology of MDD lead to advancement in personalized medicine by means of genotyping for inter-individual variability in drug action and metabolism. Gene-environment interactions may explain why some subjects become depressed while others remain unaffected. The aim of this book is to describe current knowledge of MDD from the point of view of neurobiology, molecular genetics and cognition. The authors address a deep understanding of cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms involved in MDD.

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