Hassan M. Ibrahim

National Research Centre

Dr. Hassan Ibrahim is an Associate Professor of Textile Chemistry and Technology at National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt. He received his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry in 2011 from Ain Shams University. He published 24 technical papers, one review article and one book chapter with international publishers. He supervised 8 Ph.D and M.Sc. thesis and participated in 14 national and international projects dealing with organic and environmental chemistry, hazardous wastes, medical textiles, nanotechnology, and electrospun nanofibers formation. He has an expertise in Applied Chemistry and Technology of Organic Chemistry especially in Carbohydrates, Polymers, specifically pollution prevention, preparation, and applications of nanoparticles (polymer chemistry, chemistry of chitosan, chitosan modification, nanoparticles preparation and electrospinning technique). He built this model after years of experience in research and teaching at university and research centers. He is the Egyptian National Representative of the Chemistry and Human Health Division Committee (VII) at the international Union of pure and applied chemistry (IUPAC) WITHIN 2018-2019. He is a member of national committees of pure and applied chemistry. He has been awarded the best prize of Ph.D thesis in 2010 from national research center, Cairo, Egypt.

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