Tulin Askun

Balıkesir University Turkey

Prof. Dr. Tulin Askun is head of the Molecular Biology Department (within the main Biology Department) in the Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Balikesir University, Turkey. She received both her master\'s degree and her Ph.D. in fungi from Balikesir University. In 2012, she received a Project Incentive Award in Basic Sciences from the same institution. She is responsible for implementing educational programs and scientific research, providing projects, and establishing and maintaining relationships with group members and project partners. She has published many articles, projects, papers, two edited volumes, and four book chapters.

Tulin Askun

2books edited

3chapters authored

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This book collates up-to-date information about Candida and candidiasis, covering the following topics: diversity and genetic structure of the genus Candida, invasion biology of candidiasis, pathogenicity, drug resistance, antifungal susceptibility, antifungal-resistant Candida strains, antifungal-resistant genes among resistant isolates, molecular mechanisms of antifungal resistance, diagnosis and targeted therapy of candidiasis, cytotoxicity, biofilms, Candida albicans and non-C. albicans, Covid-19 patients and proteomics, pustules, systemic therapies, topical therapies, new effective compounds against Candida spp. cutaneous candidiasis, oropharyngeal candidiasis, oesophageal candidiasis, vulvovaginal candidiasis, intestinal candidiasis, invasive candidiasis, molecular methods in the diagnosis of Candida strains, host-pathogen interactions, interactions between Candida and cancer, antifungal drug discovery, natural compounds effective against Candida strains, and novel active compounds for candidiasis treatment.

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