María-Dolores García

University of Murcia Spain

María-Dolores García is professor at the Zoology and Physical Anthropology Department of the University of Murcia (Spain) where she has taught different topics on Zoology since 1979, including a Master in Forensic Sciences. She graduated in Biological Sciences, specialty Zoology, from the University Complutense of Madrid and got a PhD in Biology from the University of Murcia. Since her graduation, her research interests have included taxonomy, diversity and acoustic behaviour of Orthoptera and, more recently, also Forensic Entomology. She is an author in numerous publications and contributions to scientific meetings covering these fields of research. Lately, she has made contributions in the area of the European Credit Transfer System implemented in the Spanish Universities.

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The present book is not a classical manual on Zoology and the reader should not expect to find the usual treatment of animal groups. As a consequence, some people may feel disappointed when consulting the index, mainly if searching for something that is considered standard. But the reader, if interested in Zoology, should not be disappointed when trying to find novelties on different topics that will help to improve the knowledge on animals. This book is a compendium of contributions to some of the many different topics related to the knowledge of animals. Individual chapters represent recent contributions to Zoology illustrating the diversity of research conducted in this discipline and providing new data to be considered in future overall publications.

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