Carlos Hernández-Lahoz

University of Oviedo

Carlos Hernández-Lahoz, MD, received his PhD from Medical School, University of Zaragoza (Spain), in 1968. He has been a Clinical Neurologist in Asturias General Hospital (Oviedo, Spain), since 1972. He is an Associate Professor of Neurology, Medical School, University of Oviedo (Spain), since 1990. Dr. Hernández-Lahoz is Consultant of Neurology at University Asturias Central Hospital (HUCA), Oviedo (Spain), since 1990 and Consultant of Neurology, Clinic of Neurology (Oviedo, Spain), since 2011. Dr. Hernández-Lahoz is Member of the Spanish Neurological Society (SEN), Royal Academy of Medicine and other Institutions. As author, he has published more than 100 articles and book chapters about Neurology, some of them about Neurogluten.

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