Barbara Sladonja

Institute of Agriculture and TourismCroatia

Barbara Sladonja graduated in biology – ecology at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and obtained a Doctoral degree (PhD) in Natural Sciences at the University of Udine and University of Florence, Italy. She organised the international scientific conference “Mediterranean Malvasias” in Poreč, Croatia, in 2005, and the International Scientific Congress GESCO (Groupe d’Etude des Systemes de Conduite de la Vigne) in Poreč (Croatia) in 2007. She acted as a collaborator or leader on many national and international scientific projects covering the grape and olive field. She works at the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Poreč.

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Aquaculture is the art, science and business of cultivating aquatic animals and plants in fresh or marine waters. It is the extension of fishing, resulted from the fact that harvests of wild sources of fish and other aquatic species cannot keep up with the increased demand of a growing human population. Expansion of aquaculture can result with less care for the environment. The first pre-requisite to sustainable aquaculture is clean wate, but bad management of aquatic species production can alter or even destroy existing wild habitat, increase local pollution levels or negatively impact local species. Aquatic managers are aware of this and together with scientists are looking for modern and more effective solutions to many issues regarding fish farming. This book presents recent research results on the interaction between aquaculture and environment, and includes several case studies all over the world with the aim of improving and performing sustainable aquaculture.

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