Eusebio Cano Carmona

University of Jaén

Eusebio Cano Carmona obtained a PhD in Sciences from the University of Granada, Spain. He is Professor of Botany at the University of Jaén, Spain. His focus is flora and vegetation and he has conducted research in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Palestine, the Caribbean islands and Mexico. As a result of these investigations, Dr. Cano Carmona and colleagues have directed 12 doctoral theses and more than 200 publications among articles, books and book chapters. He has participated in national and international congresses with about 250 papers/communications. He has held a number of different academic positions, including Dean of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences at the University of Jaen, Spain and founder and director of the International Seminar on Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, a position he has held for 13 years. He is also a member of the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian societies of Geobotany.

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This book consists of several thematic groups, including botany, zoology and topics related to human health. In regards to botany, chapters discuss endemic plants of Bolivia, Mexico, Italy and the Caribbean. They show the diversity, distribution and conservation of many species. In regards to zoology, the book highlights endemic primates and reptiles. Additionally, the book presents other environmental issues relevant to conservation. This volume also presents topics related to health, some of which are relevant for their implications on health and the economy, is the case of the presence of toxins in the Pacific plankton.All chapters present relevant content for future research or because they are fundamental for territorial management.

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