Maurizio Balestrino

Maurizio Balestrino was born in Genoa, Italy. He combines clinical responsibilities as an academic neurologist with experimental research in brain anoxia or ischemia, aiming at bridging the gap between experimental research and clinical therapy. His major research interests are cerebrovascular diseases, creatine and neuropsychology of handwriting applied to forensic medicine.

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This book reports innovations in the preclinical study of stroke, including - novel tools and findings in animal models of stroke, - novel biochemical mechanisms through which ischemic damage may be both generated and limited, - novel pathways to neuroprotection. Although hypothermia has been so far the sole "neuroprotection" treatment that has survived the translation from preclinical to clinical studies, progress in both preclinical studies and in the design of clinical trials will hopefully provide more and better treatments for ischemic stroke. This book aims at providing the preclinical scientist with innovative knowledge and tools to investigate novel mechanisms of, and treatments for, ischemic brain damage.

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