Mones Abu-Asab

National Institutes of HealthUnited States of America

Mones S. Abu-Asab holds a Ph.D. degree in phylogenetic systematics from Ohio University, Ohio, USA. Before joining the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1998, he has taught at Birzeit University and worked on phylogenetic analysis at the Smithsonian Institution, vaccine analysis at Water Reed Army Institute of Research, database management at IBM, and ultrastructural pathology at George Washington University. He is currently an ultrastructural biologist at the Laboratory of Pathology of NCI. He has been working on clinical ultrastructural pathology as well as collaborative research projects for the last 11 years. His record of publication is diverse and includes papers on bioinformatics, plant systematics, tumor biology, virology, nerve pathology, and global warming. His 2001 publication on global warming prompted the advancement by a week of the famous Cherry Blossoms Festival in Washington, DC. Most recently, he has been advocating the application of phylogenetic analysis to high-throughput omics data. He has been publishing on the topic since 2006. His analyses have shown that parsimony phylogenetics is a multidimensional tool that can be utilized for disease modeling, profiling, and subtyping as well as biomarker discovery.

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