Francesco Perri

University of Calabria Italy

Francesco Perri was born on 08 March 1978, in Cosenza, Italy. EDUCATION M.Sc. in Geological Sciences, University of Calabria, summa cum laude, 17 May 2002. Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, University of Basilicata, February 2006. ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENT 2007-2010 Researcher in a non-permanent position, University of Basilicata. 2009-2011 Teaching and Research assistantships, Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Calabria, Italy. Nowadays he collaborates with CNR-IRPI (National Research Council) at Cosenza (Italy). HONORS Winner of ‘Luigi dell’Anna’ 2009 Award sponsored by the Associazione Italiana per lo Studio delle Argille (AISA) RELEVANT RESEARCH PROJECTS 2001-2003 partner of the Cosenza Unit of the national project PRIN-COFIN Age and features of Verrucano type deposits from northern Apennines to Betic Cordilleras: constraints for the paleogeographic and structural evolution of the Alpin Chains of the western Mediterranean area. 2006-2008 partner of the Potenza Unit of the national project PRIN-COFIN The clastic Cenozoic sedimentation of the circum-Mediterranean Chains: constraints for the paleogeographic and paleotectonic evolution. AREAS OF RESEARCH SPECIALIZATION Sedimentary geochemistry, Clay mineralogy, Sedimentology, Provenance and Diagenesis of clastic sediments, Palaeogeographic and Palaeotectonic reconstructions; Thermal and burial history of sedimentary basins,Regional Geology. MAIN FIELD AREAS Southern and Central Italy; Spain; Morocco; Czech Republic. CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS –Geochemistry and mineralogy of sedimentary rocks; quantitative and qualitative sedimentary provenance analysis; study of relation between source-area rocks and sedimentary basins; – Sediment weathering, sorting and recycling; interplay of tectonics, erosion & sedimentation; – Burial history of sedimentary basins.

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