Arturo Restrepo Aristizábal

Arturo Restrepo, Advisor at the Board of Directors of Applied Ecology for Tropical Resources (ECOTROPICS) holds a B. Sc. degree in Ecology from Universidad Javeriana and a Master of Environmental Science and Technology from UNESCO-IHE in Delft, The Netherlands, where he conducted ecohydrological time series research using GIS and remote sensing technology on landscape dynamics, forest fragmentation and their relation to socio-economic history and biophysical attributes in the Colombian highlands. A native from Colombia and a shade coffee grower by family tradition, Arturo honed his interest in landscape ecology while trekking through the Tropical Montane Cloud Forests of Indigenous Muiscas in Choachi, Colombia. Through his 15 years career between academia and applied ecology, Arturo has coordinated the Interamerican Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) and occupied the position of Ecological Informatics Coordinator at NASA\'s Global Change Data Center at Goddard Space Flight Center. He also advised NGOs in Washington DC about biodiversity, forests, and Carbon Finances. More recently, Arturo has been selected as a scientific reviewer for the Global Environmental Outlook 5 of UNEP.

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