Jeffery Grigsby

Texas Tech University

Dr. Jeffery Grigsby has worked as a clinician in optometry/ophthalmology practices in Texas for over 30 years. He was already respected as a clinician, lecturer, and leader in eye care, but wanted to do more to advance the level of care for those patients with diabetes. As a result, mid-career he went back to school and pursued a graduate degree working in cell biology. Since that time, he has done basic research and writing in the area of ocular cell biology. He also has performed clinical trials on the response of the cornea to refractive surgery. Currently, he continues to work as a clinician and manages Vision Health Specialties, instructs interns for the University of Houston, College of Optometry, teaches the ophthalmology section for the physician assistants program at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center, works as a clinic director for Eye LASIK Midland, and writes and researches diabetic retinopathy and corneal refractive surgery.

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