Klara Slezakova

University of PortoPortugal

Klára Slezáková obtained her PhD. degree in 2009 in “Engineering Sciences” at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Portugal where she currently works at Chemical Engineering Department. Between 2010–2017 she simultaneously held Post-Doctoral Researcher positions at LEPABE (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto) and REQUIMTE–LAQV (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Polytechnic Institute of Porto) being repeatedly financed by Post-Doctoral fellowships (Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT). Her main research focused on air pollution and its environmental and public health impacts with emphasis on particulate (PM10, PM2.5, TSP) and carcinogenic pollutants (PAHs, heavy metals). Currently, her research area was broaden to study of ultrafine particles and novelty exposure methods (biomonitoring assays), both from occupational and public health perspective. Part of her current work also focuses on the assessment of the risks related to forest fires and the importance of healthy life style. She has authored and co-authored 35 scientific articles in international journals indexed by Science Citation Index or Scopus, with 30% of the papers published in journals ranking as TOP 10 in their areas of specificity. The most recent publication is “Indoor air quality in health clubs: Impact of occupancy and type of performed activities on exposure levels\' (Journal of Hazardous Materials 359, 56–66, 2018).

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