Jianshe Wei

Henan University China

2002 Ph.D., Fudan University 1993 M.D., Xinxiang Medical University 2010.9- Professor, Yellow-River Scholar, Division of Molecular and Cellular Neurodegeneration, School of Life Science, Henan University 2009.2-2010.8 Assistant Research Scientist, Dept. of Neurochemistry, New York State Institute for Basic Research & the City University of New York 2004.12-2009.1 Researcher, Dept. of Chemistry and Metabolism, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neuroscience 2003.9-2004.11 Research Associate, Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary 2002.11-2003.8 Postdoctoral fellow, Lab of Brain Functional Genomics, East China Normal University 1996.9-1999.8 Lecturer in Physiology, Physical Education Department, Henan University

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