Pedro Baptista

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Pedro Viana Baptista (b.1972) holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (1996) from the Universidade de Lisboa. He obtained his PhD in Human Molecular Genetics from the School of Pharmacy, University of London in 2000. In 2001 moved to FCT-NOVA where he created the Nanomedicine Group, which he leads. Currently, he is Full Professor of Molecular Genetics & Nanomedicine at the Department of Life Sciences, FCT-NOVA and responsible for the NanoImunoTech Group – Nanomedicine in the Applied Biomolecular Sciences Research Unit. His work focuses on the biomedical applications of nanoparticle-based strategies towards light-induced cancer therapy and as gene silencing platforms (including siRNA, antisense and nanobeacons). Coordinates several research projects focused on the use of nanotechnology for molecular diagnostics and nanotheranostics, including nanoparticles for diagnostics and therapy; biosensors (TFTs and ISFETs); medium-throughput SNP analysis platforms, and nanoparticle-based therapies (nanovectors for siRNA and antisense therapy, targeted combined therapies).

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