Eliska Potlukova

Charles University Czech Republic

Eliska Potlukova graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague in 2001. During studies, she spent six months at the Yale School of Medicine (USA) working in a research lab. After graduation, she worked in the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland as a researcher in immunology and as a physician (internal medicine). She graduated from the Basel University in 2004. Since then, she has been working at the Third Department of Medicine of the General University Hospital in Prague as a physician (internal medicine, endocrinology), teacher and scientist. She is an author of a number of original articles published in well-regarded journals in the fields of endocrinology and immunology.

Eliska Potlukova

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Do you regard hypothyroidism as a more complex issue than just a simple prescription of levothyroxine tablet? Are you interested in getting more information on the management of thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy, at birth, in childhood or in subclinical states? Have you been thinking of performing thyroid ultrasound in hypothyroid patients by yourself, or perhaps you already do it and are not so sure about it? Than this book should give you some answers and help you form your own opinion. You will find there several excellent review articles from authors from all over the world.

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