Fuan Wen

Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsChina

Fuan Wen Professor and Director Institute of Cyber Education Tools Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Add: No.28 Xinjiekou Wai Avenue, Xicheng District Beijing, 100088, P.R.China Tel: +86-10-82056416(O)/+86-13301063136 Email:fuanwen@gmail.com Website: http://owvlab.bupticet.com http://course.bupticet.com Bio: Professional discipline leader of computer application technology in Network Education School in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing Key Laboratory of Network System and Network Culture,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Since 2000,work in School of Network Education,engaging in research and development on network virtual experiment, multimedia network teaching system and other web applications. From 2003 to 2005, appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China as an expert for Narrowing Digital-divide - West Action Program and the responsibility expert for the Network Education topic; Since 2004, appointed as the Special Education Supervisor by Beijing Government. From March to August in 2006, visiting scholar in Computer Science and Engineering School of the University of Washington. From June 2008, editor of the Chinese Science and Technology Journal, hosted by The Institute of science and technology development strategy of China. In January 2009, appointed as a member of 10th Academic Committee of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In recent years, have completed a number of major national scientific research projects. Published more than 70 articles.

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