Yashwant Kumar

Central Research Institute

Dr Kumar is currently working as an Officer In-Charge of National Salmonella & Escherichia Centre and Diagnostic Reagents Manufacturing Laboratory at Central Research Institute, Kasauli (H.P), India. He has more than 12 years of experience in epidemiology, surviellance, bacterial characterization, determination of antibiogram profiles, virulence factors, characterization of resistance markers etc. He is also involved in teaching and training of post-graduate students in the field of microbiology and he has guided post graduate and doctoral students during their research studies. He has 27 publications in National and International peer reviewed journals, editorship of a book on Salmonella and other publications as abstracts. He is a reviewer for a number of National and International journals. He has been trained on instrumental methods for drug analysis, advanced techniques in molecular biology & microbial technology and bio-risk management. He is a member of WHO-GFN (Global Foodborne Infections Network) and also acted as an expert member for project approved by DSIR.

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Salmonella is an extremely diversified genus, infecting a range of hosts, and comprised of two species: enterica and bongori. This group is made up of 2579 serovars, making it versatile and fascinating for researchers drawing their attention towards different properties of this microorganism. Salmonella related diseases are a major problem in developed and developing countries resulting in economic losses, as well as problems of zoonoses and food borne illness. Moreover, the emergence of an ever increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance in salmonella makes it prudent to unveil different mechanisms involved. This book is the outcome of a collaboration between various researchers from all over the world. The recent advancements in the field of salmonella research are compiled and presented.

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