Daniela Abreu

University of Sao PauloBrazil

Graduated in Physical Therapy, Federal University of Sao Carlos (1999), Master in Bioengineering from the University of Sao Paulo (2001), PhD in Surgery from the University of Campinas (2005) and postdoctoral fellow in Neurology at the State University of Campinas (2006 ). Researcher was voluntary by the Department of Orthopaedics, at the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Rehabilitation of Locomotor System, State University of Campinas (2005-2006). She is currently Professor of Physiotherapy, School of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto (FMRP) - USP, Department of Biomechanics, Medicine and Rehabilitation of Locomotor System, responsible for the disciplines of Rheumatology and Gerontology. She has experience in Physical Therapy, acting on the following topics: rehabilitation, elderly, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis,evaluation of balance, posture and gait, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, quadriplegia, and cardiorespiratory changes. Coordinates the Balance Rehabilitation of Division RehabilitationCenter at Clinical Hospital of the FMRP-USP. Tutor scientific League Gerontology FMRP-USP.

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