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Arizona State UniversityUnited States of America

Netra Chhetri, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning and Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University, earned his Masters and Ph.D. in Geography (with minor in Demography) from Penn State University in 2007, where his doctoral research looked into the role of technology in adaptation to climate change. Drawing upon concepts, theories and tools from geography, resource economics, and development studies, his intellectual work focuses on issues of food security in a changing world, role of technology in adaptation to climate change, sensitivity of water resources to multiple stressors, rural livelihoods and climate change, science policy and climate adaptation, and perspectives on sustainability.

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Anomalous climatic outcomes such as higher temperatures, intense rainfall and flood, frequent and severe droughts are now at the new level. Without appropriate adaptation measures, climate change is bound to exacerbate vulnerability of society, place food security and human health at risk, threaten the lives of growing urban population and impede the goal of attaining sustainable development. The human and social dimensions of climate change, including climate policy, are essential parts of our response to the many challenges emanating from climate change. By focusing on a wide range of topics and involving a diverse array of scholars, this book sheds lights on human and social dimensions of climate change; topics neglected and often poorly understood by scholars and policymakers.

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