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Dr. Tan Yen Kheng is the CEO and co-founder of Printed Power, a high-tech company headquartered in Singapore that develops edge computers for smarter buildings and manufacturing globally (China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN]). The company empowers customers with sensor-end to application-end platform solutions to discover opportunities and capture value from actionable insights as well as co-create with domain experts using advanced artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) tools. Dr. Tan is concurrently the associate editor of the IEEE Sensors Journal and the industrial chair of IEEE Singapore section. He was also chair/professor at the School of Electrical Engineering/Hanergy School of Renewable Energy at Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) where he built international partnership programs, delivered seminars and short courses, and performed research exchanges with research staff and students.

Tan Yen Kheng

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Smart manufacturing uses big data, the Internet of things (IoT) and the Internet of Services (IoS), and flexible and dynamic workforces to cope with ever-increasing demand in low-volume, high-mix production. Companies worldwide are already pivoting towards dynamic and reconfigurable production as a smarter way to build and make things. As such, this book discusses the next generation of manufacturing, which will involve the transformational convergence of intelligent machines, powerful computing and analytics, and unprecedented networking of people, products, and services.

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