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Dejan Komatina holds a PhD in civil engineering, with a focus on environmental river engineering. He has 28 years of national and international experience in integrated water resources management and sustainable development of river basins in the fields of science, education, engineering and management. He began his career as a teacher and/or scientist at the universities of Belgrade, Delft, Hamburg and Banja Luka. He subsequently became the first CEO of the International Sava River Basin Commission, a post he held for over 11 years, being responsible for planning, coordination, direction and management of work of the organization in the areas of water management, environment protection, climate change, sustainable waterway transport and river tourism. He joined the REC in April 2017, to coordinate the implementation of the organization’s programmes and projects in a wide range of environment-related fields.

Dejan Komatina

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Integrated river basin management is an approach focusing on the development and management of land and water resources in a coordinated manner with the primary aim to ensure society development, which is well balanced from the environmental, economic, and social points of view. It is a complex approach, including all aspects of water resource management (water and aquatic ecosystem protection, disaster management, and water use) and covering a wide range of disciplines (e.g., hydrology, ecology, environmental management, and economy), cross-cutting issues (climate change, data sharing, and stakeholder involvement), and approaches (river basin management plans preparation, water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus assessment, science-policy integration, and transboundary cooperation). This book provides a comprehensive overview of achievements and challenges associated with the implementation of the approach throughout the world.

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