Ingrid Muenstermann

Flinders University

Ingrid Muenstermann was born in 1938 in Hamburg, Germany, and settled in Australia in 1973. For many years she worked as a secretary in the medical field, but discovered the rewards of becoming an academic after achieving a PhD in Social Sciences. She is a sociologist at heart and is casually employed at Flinders University of South Australia. Dr. Muenstermann has a special interest in all things equity. Of particular interest have been, and still are, new settlers to Australia with a special focus on German immigrants. The decline of the natural environment and increased societal self-interest led her to consider universal social responsibility. Lately the concept of aging and how to retire gracefully, that is, to maintain a certain standard of living, have been on her mind. She hopes to research different areas of life in the not too distant future.

Ingrid Muenstermann

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Worldwide life expectancy has increased and, as such, this book examines different aspects of aging from societal and political perspectives. Written by reputable academics working at universities around the world (Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Taiwan, Tanzania, Russia), this book takes a kaleidoscope view of how different societies handle their aging population.

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