Annalisa Romani

University of Florence

Annalisa Romani is a Professor of Organic Chemistry, Industrial Chemical Plants and Product Chemistry, Associate Professor of Commodity Sciences SECS-P/13, President and Scientific Referee of Inter-Departmental Laboratory DiSIA-PHYTOLAB (Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food supplement Technology and Analysis), at Scientific and Technological Pole, University of Florence, Italy. Prof. Romani is also the Director of Laboratory of Commodity and Quality of Resources, Faculty of Economy, University of Florence, a Scientific Referee of PIN QuMAP Laboratory (Quality of Goods and Reliability of the Product), Prato, University of Florence, and Scientific Referent of Cluster C.H.I.C.O, area PharmaFood. She is the author of 200+ publications of which more than 100 are in international scientific journals and holder of 9 national and European patents.