José Justino

Universidade de Lisboa

Gonçalo C. Justino is a Post-Doctoral Research fellow at CQE/IST – Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal) and Assistant Professor at ESTB – Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal. He has a PhD in Clinical and Pharmaceutical Biochemistry in 2007. His research interests have been focused on the mass spectrometry analysis of flavonoid derivatives and metabolites and more recently on the application of computational techniques in protein structure and drug design.

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Flavonoids are abundant secondary metabolites found in plants and fungi that have various roles in these organisms, including pigmentation, cell signalling, plant defence and inter-organism communication. Due to their abundance in nature, flavonoids are also important components of the human diet, and the last four decades have seen an intense study focused on the structure characterization of flavonoids and on their roles in mammal metabolism. This book reviews most of the well-established activities of flavonoids, and we also present more recent research studies on the area of flavonoids, including the chemical aspects of structure characterization of flavonoids, the biosynthesis of flavonoids in model plants as well as their role in abiotic stress situations and in agriculture, the role of flavonoids in metabolism and health and their importance in foods, from consumption to their use as bioactive components.

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