Bihter Erol

Istanbul Technical University

Dr. Bihter Erol received her Ph.D. degree in geodesy from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey, in 2007, and she still works as a full-time associate professor at ITU Geomatics Department. Her research interests in the field of physical geodesy include static and temporal determination of the Earth’s gravity field, regional geoid modeling with terrestrial and air-borne gravimetry, and structural deformation analyses. Dr. Erol has research experience in her major at different departments and institutes in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. She has published many scientific journal articles and proceedings and has made contributions as editor and reviewer in geodetic journals and proceedings. She takes a role in various international symposia organizations and scientific committees. She is a member of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) working groups; leads the ITU Gravity Research Group; supervises the thesis studies, and carries out research projects at the ITU Geomatics Department.

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Advances in space-borne technologies lead to improvements in observations and have a notable impact on geodesy and its applications. As a consequence of these improvements in data accuracies, spatial and temporal resolutions, as well as the developments in the methodologies, more detailed analyses of the Earth and a deeper understanding of its state and dynamic processes are possible today. From this perspective, this book is a collection of the selected reviews and case-study articles that report the advances in methodology and applications in geodesy. The chapters in the book are mainly dedicated to the Earth’s gravity field theory and applications, sea level monitoring and analysis, navigation satellite systems data and applications, and monitoring networks for tectonic deformations. This collection is a current state analysis of the geodetic research in theory and applications in today’s modern world.

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